BOOM Watches

Created in Sweden. Designed by you.

After many successful years in the fashion watch industry, Niklas Dahlgren realized that there was room for improvement. The industry had stagnated and was no longer in line with consumer wishes or needs. This was largely due to the lack of diversity in the market. The future looks bright for BOOM Watches and 2018 cars an exciting year. Thanks to a solid foundation work, a successful crowdfunding campaign and a dedicated team with long experience in fashion and lifestyle products, Niklas got the opportunity to implement his vision to produce next-generation watches. A customizable modular design that allowed the wearer to tailor its watch to customize it, regardless of context.

BOOM watches allow a simple transition from everyday look to training and even more formal events. They help you to easily complement a look and let you express your personality as an individual.

“The consumer trend drives a tailor made and personalized design ethic. One strives to create their own unique style, not least when it comes to completing their clothes with a matching watch. That’s what BOOM wants to offer the market. Short delivery times are a matter of course and we put together and send out your order the same day, “says Niklas Dahlgren, CEO, BOOM Watches.

We at BOOM Watches not only wanted to replace the bracelet on the watch, but also the insert, the boot and the top ring would be interchangeable. This would be done without using any tools. From a technical point of view this proved to be a challenging task. After a number of prototypes, the dream finally transformed into reality. Precision-milled parts made sure that the clock’s work, which housed the work, fits perfectly in the booth without any clearance. The watches can of course be bought as ready-made models, ready for the wrist, directly in selected stores.

Our products come with a 2-year international warranty, which can be easily and free extended to 3 years by registering the watch online. The registration activates our unique replacement warranty, where any defective parts are replaced directly in store. We dare say that our offer is one of the best in the industry.

Created in Sweden. Designed by you.

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